Free Download VVDI MB Tool V5.1.0 & VVDI BMW TOOL V1.7.1

Here offer the newest VVDI MB Tool software V5.1.0 and VVDI BMW TOOL software V1.7.1 for free download (which have been updated on April 6th, 2021).

Part 1: Free download VVDI MB software V5.1.0

Password: 123456

Size: 45.6MB

Require firmware V5.0.1

VVDI MB V5.1.0 update info:
1.Bugfix for write Kline EIS
2.Bugfix for write ECU(272) VIN, only for test purpose
3.Add Setting option(Menu-> File-> Setting)

Support deactivate voltage limit function

Read password via IR

Part 2:Free download VVDI BMW Tool software V1.7.1

Size: 423.8MB

Require firmware V1.6.4

Compatible devices: applies to VVDI BIMTOOL Pro and VVDI BMW.

VVDI BMW V1.7.1 update info:
1.Bugfix for reading 6HP EGS ISN (E-series)
2.Add many new functions for coding
3.Improvement for F/G series programming and coding

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