VVDI BMW Tool V1.6.0 Free Download& Update

Here share the newest Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool software V1.6.0 free download link and related update notice.

VVDI BMW V1.6.0 free download link:

Size: 469 MB
Password: no need
Security: no risk!
O.S: Win7, Win8, Win10
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Deutsch, Chinese

VVDI BMW V1.6.0 update (April 15, 2020)
Require firmware V1.4.6

===== BMW V1.6.0 =====
1. Improvement for CAS4 OBD(5M48H/1N35H/1L15Y) FAST-MODE unlock:
1). Unlock only need 2 minutes
2). Support read D-FLASH(EEPROM), P-FLASH via OBDII
3). Support OBD exchange CAS4
4). Support fix remote/smart function via OBDII
2.Improvement for E-series programming and coding: Support programming compatible software version
3.Improvement for F/G-series programming and coding
4. Support read E-series 6HP ISN – require online
5. Add FSC function-Support backup license, write license, calculate NBT/CIC activate code
6. Support OBD read ISN – EDC16xx, EDC17xx
7.Bugfix for F-series special function: Initialize windows
8.Improvement for exchange CAS3/CAS4/CAS4+
9.Support customer request with car

How to read E-6HP ISN by BMW Tool V1.6.0?
1. Click “E/F/G Gearbox”
2. Select “Read gearbox status”
3. Click “Read E-6HP ISN”

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Free download VVDI BMW V1.5.0:

Update on Jan. 13th, 2020
*** Require firmware V1.4.3
===== BMW V1.5.0 =====
1. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming
2. Bugfix for Disable/Enable key for CAS4
3. Support get ISN from EDC17 eeprom dump file
4. Special function for F/G series: Update MSM, Reset FlexRay, Initialize car window
5.Support search coding

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