GODIAG GD801 Calibrates Mileage for 2008 Ford Mondeo

This post comes with the guide of calibrating mileage for the 2008 Ford Mondeo with GODIAG GD801.

Main steps:

Click “Diag Program”>>“Cluster Calibrate”>>“FORD LINCOLN”>>“Enter”.
godiag gd801GODIAG GD801 Key Master

Click “Ford”>>“Enter”>>“MONDEO”>>“2007-2010”.

Choose “4 Pointer Color Meter”>>“Enter”.

When the screen shows “Note:1. Support the calibration range:0-500000KM;2. General maximum error does not exceed 206 KM”, choose “Enter”.

Input the mileage of calibration>>“Enter”>>“Enter”
When the calibration is completed, click “Enter”.