How to diagnose & Reset Isuzu truck by Xtuner T1 scanner?

Post on how to use Xtuner T1 to diagnose and do special function on Isuzu truck.


Car model and year: Isuzu heavy duty trucks year 2000 to 2015


Purpose: Read ECU info, DTC, DTC Freeze, Data list, actuations, special function.


Tool to use:

Professional tool like Xtuner T1 scanner (Made by the known Vpecker Company)


Compatible Isuzu models, years and function + special function:


Xtuner T1 does not support all Isuzu models for the above-mentioned function. you have to check by browsing this user manual.


How to use Xtuner T1 on Isuzu truck?

  1. Install driver, active and download software:

Here step -by -step procedure on Xtuner T1 install, active and download Isuzu software:

How to install new XTUNER T1 Heavy Duty scanner software?

Or the menu contain user manual and quick guide.

  1. To read ECU info, DTC, DTC Freeze, Data list, actuations and special function.

BTY, to diagnose Isuzu, you may use ISUZU-9 Connector and ISUZU-20 Connector shown as below.