How to Install FVDI2 Benz on XP win7/8/10 and Update Online?


To update FVDI2 Benz to the newest version V2.8, you need FVDI2 Benz Software v1.2.


FVDI2 Software v1.2 Download:!eYYWHaIT!m9RA82G80L_WN3JqZZBewzpBAfpFvv73DMN6GsRaXVA


Works on XP win7 8 10


Browse the mega link on Google chrome and able to download the link, after downloading it run.exe file, restarted computer and you will have newest version 2.8.


Therefore if you update and still have version 2.8, don’t worry what went wrong and feel upset.



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