How to install GM Tech2 scanner TIS2000 software on VMware

You are able to install TIS2000 software of GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner natively on any Windows pro 32-bit operating system. The Tech 2 communicates with the computer using a serial port on the computer running Windows XP SP3. It appears that the issue is that the TIS2000 software has 16 bit setup files and cannot run by default on any 64 bit system. That’s why many people fail to get it worked on other operating system Vista Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1 etc.
GM Tech 2 Diagnostic Tool
If you have Windows 32bit laptop, the video will help to well install tis2000.
If you do not want to, follow this way:
The possible solution would be to use a virtual environment on a host computer.  VMware is free to use and it has been done from what I read but could be a fairly involved process because of the serial port issue, especially when using a USB to serial adapter.  The challenge of communicating from the virtual environment through the real computer’s hardware ports can make it difficult but can be done. 
In some detail, this is what I did.  Keep in mind that you should have some computer knowledge and know how to install Windows. And if you do Saab models, do you special Saab TIS2000.
1. Installed a fresh copy of Windows XP SP3.  I didn’t bother with updating anything else as far as security updates to Windows or install a virus scan because this computer will never be connected to the Internet or used for anything else.
Install Virtualbox (free software) and run the cracked Windows copy via a virtual machine… The method I took to test this was to create a separate partition on my ssd and install it there. When the computer reboots, it will ask you what OS you would like to run. Select Windows XP Pro, then continue installing TIS2000 software. If you’re gonna be writing to the main drive on your computer, I suggest first creating a bootable USB with Clonezilla on it and creating a drive backup with that …This allows you to make a complete backup image of your hard drive, and allows you to flash it back to that drive at any time. Here is the detail instruction on using VMware:
Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7
2. Installed ALL the required drivers until there were no more yellow check marks in Device Manager. 
3. If you’re using a USB to serial adapter, plug it in now and set it up.  Go into Device Manager and make note of the COM port used by the adapter.
3. Install the Tis2000 software from the CD included with the Tech II scan tool.  During the install, it will ask you to specify the COM port.  If you have a serial port on the computer, it’s probably COM 1 or use the one from the USB adapter.
4. Before you can use Tis2000 with your Tech2 scanner, you have to make it “think” that there is a dongle connected that authorizes it.  You can download the crack below.  Follow the read me file for instructions on how to use it.
That’s it. 
If you need them, here is free:
TIS2000 software (Extracted from CD)
TIS2000 dongle/USB key crack
You are on your risk. I am not responsible for the damage.
Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE “SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD” BUTTON!  This will retrograde the card in your Tech2 to an old version from 2008.
Some more install info, especially for VM’s, is also available in this thread from SaabCentral.