How to install Scania VCI2 SDP3 V2.23

Hi all! The truck diagnostic tool Scania VCI2 SDP3 has been updated to V2.23 which can diagnose and troubleshoot Scania trucks after 2005 to latest. Scania VCI 2 with multi-language can be updated via buying this new SDP3 V2.23 Software update CD. Here is instruction to help you install Scania VCI2 SDP3 V2.23 
install Adobe Reader9.2
Open “Computer/ DVD/CD-RW Drive (F:) SCANIA VCI 2.23/AdbeRdr920_en_US”.
Click “Next” to install Adobe Reader9.2.
Click “Install” to begin installation.
Installing Adobe Reader9.2.
Finish to exit setup.
An icon of Adobe Reader9.2 appeared on Desktop.
install .NET Framework4.5.1
Open “Computer/ DVD/CD-RW Drive (F:) SCANIA VCI 2.23/.NET Framework4.5.1(if need)”.
Extracting files.
Click “I have read and accept the license terms” and “Install” button to continue.
Finish to install.NET Framework4.5.1.
install SDP3 2.23.0
Copy .zip file “SDP3 2.23” from “Computer/ DVD/CD-RW Drive (F:) SCANIA VCI 2.23” to Desktop.
Extract “SDP3 2.23”.
Open the extracted file “SDP3 2.23/ SDP3”
Click “Next” to install SDP3 2.23.0.
Click “I Agree” for the license agreement.
Click “I Agree” for Apache Xerce XML Parser License.
Click “Install” to begin installation.
Click “OK” to make sure that the VCI unit and the SDP3 USB key are disconnected.
Finish installing SDP1.23.0. And you will see six new icons on Desktop.
Open the Desktop file “SDP2.23/ replace patch” to copy all the files
Open “SDP3” on Desktop for “Properties”.
“Shortcut/ open file location”, then paste all the files in “Local Disk (C:)/Program File/Scania/SDP3”.
Choose “Copy and Replace” for the next 2 conflicts (√ at the bottom line ).
Close all the interface.
Open “Computer/ DVD/CD-RW Drive (F:) SCANIA VCI 2.23/Scania_patch”.
Click “OK” for “Warning!!! Only for Scania SDP3 2.23 Version”.
Complete ID and License. (Please email the supplier with this ID for activation; the license is to calculate the activation code.)
Click “patch” and “OK” when “patch success”.
Close the interface.
Right click “computer” for “Manage”.
Select “Device Manger/ CAN Hardware (Kvaser)/Scania VCI2”, then close the interface.
Open “SDP3” on Desktop.
Choose “Yes” for the warning.
Exit SDP3.
Open “SDP3 Configuratior” on Desktop.
Select the language you want to use, then click OK.