How to install Toyota Techstream 12.00.0127 Windows 7 Windows XP

Techstream 12.00.0127 user manual here you go… about how to setup Toyota TIS Techstream v12.00.127 for  MINI VCI, MVCI 3 in 1, Toyota OTC2 diagnostic tool on Windows 7 or Windows XP.


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How to install TIS Techstream 12.00.0127 for MINI VCI/MVCI cable?

How to install TOYOTA Techstream 12.00.0127 for Toyota OTC2?

There are  only 2 steps of Techstream v12.00.0127 installation:

Install Techstream application->Install software driver


Any difference in Techstream 12.00.0127 software installation?

Mini vci/Mvci & OCT2 Techstream installation only differs from driver installation. For details, here you go…


How to install Mini vciMVCI driver?

Techstream software installation completes!

Then install driver as follows:

Run MVCI Driver for TOYOTA to install (it’s in disk E:)

Begin to install MVCI driver

Installing MVCI driver for toyota tis…

Finish MVCI driver installation

Pop-up: instilling device driver software

Pop-up: your device is ready to use

Run MVCI Firmware Update Tool on Desktop

Run Techstream on Desktop

Pop-up: Java can be  obtained from the web? NO!

Go to Setup->Techstream Configuration

Select Area: Europe, Language: English,

Then, Connect to Vehicle for diagnosis….


How to install Toyota OTC2 driver?

Techstream software installation completes!

Then install driver as follows:

Open the folder OTC drive->setup (application)

Select a language

Click on Install

Preparing for the installation

Begin OTC VIM Updater installation

Accept the agreement

Click on Install

Installing OTC VIM Updater…

Finish OTC VIM Updater installation!

Pop-up: installing device driver software

Pop-up: USB LCVCI device driver software installed successfully

Run Techstream on Desktop

Select Area: Europe, Language: English,

Techstream configuration: input the info

Go to Setup->VIM Select

Interface setup: OTC VIM

Then, Connect to Vehicle for diagnosis/ecu programming/key programming….