How to program Code Index Opel Zafira B by OPCOM V1.70?

Here you will know how to program Opel Zafira B Code Index by OPCOM Firmware 1.70? Check step by step as below:


OP-COM Opel Code Index Programming Steps

Open OPCOM VAUX-COM 12309a software and go to “Diagnostics”.

Select car year and car model: 2008 Zafira-B.

Go to “Information System”.

Choose “DIS (Info Display TID, BID, GID, CID)

Select Diagnostic Connector: MS CAN

Wait and CAN enable.

Then OP-COM will show all vehicle information as below, click “Programming”.

Choose “Program Code Index” function.

Just choose one of index from the available index list, click “Start Programming” button. Then wait the process complete!

Now Opel Coe Index Programming done by OPCOM China Clone V2014 FW V1.70!

Note: OPCOM Firmware V1.70 with single layer PCB like the original PCB!

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