How to save OBDSTAR H105 Log data when fails to communicate

This is a feedback from OBDSTAR H105 customer “A message ‘Communication Breakdown” appeared on my H105 device screen when I programmed 2012 hyundai sonata w/key, I tried to test on all the car models options, also got this prompt”.

If you have the same problem as this customer, you can send the Log data to OBDSTAR engineer.

This is the step-by-step guide to save the OBDSTAR H105 key programmer data. Hope it helps you.

Step 1: Connect OBDSTAR H105 device and start it

Press “OPTION”-> Press “Data Logging”-> Press “ON” -> Press ESC-> Back to the main menu

Step 2: Keep the H105 device at “ON” state

Go to test the car

When it fails to do the program, power off the H105 code reader

Step 3: Take out the TF card where there is a LOG file

Step 4: Send the LOG file to your distributor or OBDSTAR engineer

They can study the data and figure out the reason

Please kindly notice:

Every time when you power off the OBDSTAR H105 auto key programmer, Data Logging would be “OFF”. So if you want to save the data next time, please repeat the procedures above.

This method is available for all the OBDSTAR hand-held devices (H series tools, F-series tools, X300M, X100 Pro etc.)