OBDSTAR Device/Tablet Full Register Guide

Some new OBDSTAR users turned to us that they have some question about how to register a OBDSTAR device. So we collected the register guide of OBDSTAR device and tablet.


  1. OBDSTAR Device register guide

This register guide is for some OBDSTAR tools like OBDSTAR VAG Pro, OBDSTAR X300 PRO3, OBDSTAR X300M, OBDSTAR H series(H100, H108, H110), OBDSTAR F series(F100, F108, F109), X100 Pro etc.

Step 1: Power on the device and you will see the following messages.


Step 2: Enter the menu “About“:


Step 3: Get the S/N and the Register PASSWORD:


Step 4: Enter the link (http://member.obdstar.com/MemberEn/Register.html) to the registration page, and you will see as below;



Step 5: When finish all the necessary information, click “Register” to finish the registration. Then you will get the username and password.


After registration, you will get the username and password. Please refer to one key upgrade to update your device.


  1. OBDSTAR Tablet register guide

This register is for OBDSTAR tablet series like OBDSTAR X300 DP

Step1: Connect your VCI with the main cable and the 12V power as follows:


Step2: Turn on tablet and connect with VCI


Situation 1— In general, it will connect with VCI automatically after turning on the tablet as follows:

Situation 2—If your tablet didn’t connect with VCI automatically, please operate as follows:

Click “setting”—Enter “Bluetooth”—Click the Bluetooth name of VCI to connec


Step 3: Registration

Enter ”DP”—Enter “Setting”—Begin to register—Fill in the registration information—Register successfully


Last but not least, if you have any problem when using your OBDSTAR, please contact us:

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Email: Sales@EOBDtool.co.uk

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