How to Setup MB SD Connect 4 Lan and WiFi Connection

MB SD Connect Compact 4 support Lan cable and WiFi connection, this blog will tell you how to set MB SD Star C4 Lan and WiFi connection.

Here let’s start.

1. Find out and open Local Area Connection Properties>>General>>Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties. Set IP address as 172.29.127.XXX (any digit combination between 1 to254) and subnet mask as

2. Double click MB SD connect C4 to open the control menu.

3. Select “Configuration” icon and accept the warning message by click “Yes”

4. Select “Register/Configure” under the “MUX” icon

5. Select the desired SD connect name

6. Set WLAN parameters, Road including: ID address, Network screen, SSID (network name), Encryption, key/
ID address:
Network screen:
SSID (network name): Road24h
Encryption: WEP/Hex
Network key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 * a)

7. Click “Start” to continue network configuration

8. WLAN configuration information will display on the next program.

9. Open SD connect wireless connection Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties. Set the IP address as: (any digit combination between 1 to254 except 200) and set subnet mask as

10. Reflash wireless network list and select “Road24h”

11. Enter and confirm the network key: aaaaaaaa*a (26*a)

12. The windows display the network connection is completed.

13. Come back to the SD C4 Control menu. Select “Select MUK” to check WLAN accessible

14. Select “Configuration” in the main menu and click “Self-diagnosis”

15. SD connect Toolkit window display SD C4 starts to process self-diagnosis

16. The self-diagnosis result will be shown on the window program.