How to solve Citroen and Peugeot Lexia 3 PP2000 Firefox/Mozilla error

When plug and install Lexia 3 Peugeot Planet PP2000 diagnostic tool for PSA Peugeot and Citroen on Mozilla/Firefox browser running Windows XP operating system, after select Peugeot  vehicle model and Peugeot Planet 2000, the system pops out an error message: “The new Java Plug-In requires a recent version of the Firefox browse (Firefox 3 or later)”.
Obd tool site here collects different solution from Lexia 3 PP2000 users:
Solution 1:
Uninstall any Java
Reboot the computer
Install Java version 20 ONLY
Re-install Lexia 3 PP2000 OBDdiagnostic software
Solution 2:
Disconnect internet network on the computer
Re-install the PP2000 and then re-activate it
Solution 3:
Remove it done a flash install of Windows XP with the latest service pack 3 SP3
Run the disc but used PP2000 22.14B
After each update activate PP2000 again
Solution 4: (Most respected solution)
Find out and locate following files:
PP2000 – APPPPSdefaultsprefwinpref.js 
Lexia – APPLICPortaildefaultsprefwinpref.js 
And then change parameter from
pref(“plugin.scan.plid.all”, true); 
pref(“plugin.scan.plid.all”, false);
Save and exit
The solution has been test okay and successfully solved the problem.


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