How to Test Jeep Liberty by Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester?

Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester, the Bluetooth battery tester, supports:

Records printing & sharing via Bluetooth

International battery standards & 6V, 12V

Battery health test, Start system test and charging health test

Launch BST-360 BluetoothLaunch BST-360


How to use Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester?

Here we will take a Jeep Liberty as an example to show the process.

First go to Google Play (for Android) or App Store (IOS) and search “BST360” to download the app.

Hook it up to the positive and the negative terminals.

Open up the app.


1)Battery health test

After connection success, it displays the floating voltage prompt.

Click on “I know” and we’ll have “Common Battery” “AGM Start/Stop Battery” “GEL Battery” and “EFB Battery”.

Here we select “Common Battery” and then do the BCI standard.

Input battery volume (here is 800cc).

Then press “Next” to do the next test.


2)Start system test

After confirm, turn off all electrical components including car lights radio, air conditioner etc. as the prompt.

Start the car to execute “start system test” to check the CCA draws.


3)Charging health test

Go ahead with the prompts for charging system test to check alternator output.

Then tests call for the engine to be revved to 2,500 rpm.

Test complete and the report is ready for viewing on the app.

In this situation the battery health test tells us that it’s a good battery.

On the start system test, there’s a start duration with a start voltage which is normal, and so is the charging system.

Then we can save it and email that off to ourselves or customers.


Launch BST360 , now is available with a fairly affordable price – $81 (69 euros) on

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