How to Use Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS?

Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS diagnostic scanner combines the advanced diagnostics and complete TPMS functions. It works via WiFi/Bluetooth. The internet connection is required for the first time to use, after software upgrade or factory reset. Check the detailed guide to use it (Register+ Bind+ Update+ Diagnosis+ TPMS).


First, let’s watch the unboxing video of Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS.

Autel MP808Z-TS package comes with the following device and accessories:

1pc x MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS Main Unit

1pc x USB Cable (for charging)

1pc x USB Cable (for test)

1pc x MaxiVCI Mini

1pc x USB External Power Adapter

1pc x User Manual

1pc x Quick Reference Guide

1pc x Carry Case

how to use autel mp808z ts 1


Next, let’s check how to register, bind and update Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS.

1.Connect with WiFi

Turn on Autel MP808Z-TS tablet

Go to Settings on the home menu>> System settings>> Network& internet>> Wi-Fi>> Use Wi-Fi (turn on)>> select one available wifi to connect

how to use autel mp808z ts 2


2.Update and install Personal Center

Click “Open” and follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade and install the Personal Center

how to use autel mp808z ts 3


3.Register Autel account

After the installation is complete, click “Register” to register an Autel account

Enter name, nationality (country, province and city), phone number, SMS verification code and password

Click “Register” at the bottom corner to complete the process

how to use autel mp808z ts 4


4.Bind device and update software

Back to the main menu, select “Update”

The Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS needs to be linked before upgrade.

Follow the on-screen prompt to link

The device SN and password will appear automatically. Just click “Link” to bind directly

how to use autel mp808z ts 5

After binding, click the download icon to update OS and the related software

how to use autel mp808z ts 6


Then, let’s see how to diagnose vehicle with MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS.

Diagnose vehicle (i.e VW)

Take out the VCI behind the MP808Z-TS tablet

Connect it with GODIAG ECU IMMO Prog AD GT105 and ECU correctly

how to use autel mp808z ts 7

Start to diagnose the vehicle

Click EOBD>> accept the disclaimer>> Autoscan

If the ECU is not an ordinary OBD2 protocol, EOBD cannot read it. It will show the error “Device unable to communicate with the control unit”.

how to use autel mp808z ts 8

The solution: back to the main menu and select the corresponding car software of the tablet to read.

how to use autel mp808z ts 9

Select System selection>> Diagnosis>> Control unit>> 01- Engine Control Module 1

how to use autel mp808z ts 10

Click “Trouble codes” to view the DTC and then erase by tapping “Erase codes” at the bottom corner

how to use autel mp808z ts 11

Confirm to delete DTCs and freeze

After that, back to the last menu, and tap “live data” to view the real-time data

how to use autel mp808z ts 12


Finally, let’s start to identify the Sensor.

Tap “TPMS” in the main menu

Choose the car model you want, and tap “Manual selection”

Select the car model and year

Put the MX sensor at the upper right corner of the tablet and tap “Check MX-Sensor” to inquiry the MX Sensor information

how to use autel mp808z ts 13

If the sensor ID is detected, that means the sensor has been programmed. If you use a blank sensor, it will not show anything.

how to use autel mp808z ts 14how to use autel mp808z ts 15


Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS diagnosis and TPMS function’s video:


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