Autel MP808TS Review: Perfectly Diagnose TPMS Issue on Toyota Camry 2007

As I know, Autel makes some of the best diagnostic scan tools. However, I hadn’t tried any one Autel scan tool until the Autel MP808TS I bought recently. Because i want to find a good TPMS reset tool for my 2007 Toyota. I take much time to know the info of MP808TS, such as check the comparison with other scanners incl. price, function, seller, etc. Finally, I got a new MP808TS at So I’m excited to share something with you.

This is my first full-featured scan tool, and I wish I hadn't waited so long to get one. My expectations were high due to the cost of this unit and all the positive reviews I've seen, and the MaxiPro MP808TS did not disappoint.

First impressions:
– Solid build quality
– Robust, mature software
– Easy update process
– Nice storage case
– The 7″ screen came with a pre-installed screen protector – nice!
It comes with MP808TS scanner main unit, MaxiVCI Mini, USB cable, adapter, user manual, quick reference guide. All the goods are put in a nice looking box that you can use as a carrying case.

Note: I forget to take a picture of the full package of this autel maxipro mp808ts, so I download one from the seller.
autel mp808ts

Open the MP808TS tablet, you can see the main menu incl. Diagnostics, service, TPMS, data manager, settings and update.

I just want to share the TPMS function I need. So let’s go!
After selecting TMPS, then you can see a lot of car brands, such as Land Rover, Audi, BMW…, the important car brand is TOYOTA I want to do.

Look: there is TPMS issue as you can see the light on the dashboard

Now I’m gonna solve the problem.
Select auto detect to read car brand, VIN automatically

It will ask you to make sure diagnostic tool is connected to the network.
The choppy internet prevents me from using the auto vin, and I receive an error10010 as below. So I revert to manual.

Then select Toyota> manual selection> camry> 2006/01-2011/09 (Japan/USA 315 MHz)

The first thing I’m going to do is to diagnose the vehicle to find out what’s wrong.
Read the trouble codes successfully. Click detail to get more info.
We can see the on-screen IDS for the sensors for the TPMS sensors that are stored in the EC.

Click details I see the 4 TPMS DTCS, one is transmitter ID1 Error.

So if I’m connected to the internet I can actually open Google to search for the info about the sensor or diagnostic trouble.
Now I’ll trigger the sensor to see if I’m able to get the reading from the sensors from each of the tasks.
Click the trigger button and the wifi is trying to get dvd for my experience.

Back to diagnostics page to see the id:
The right front right the id on the sensor and the id and the tpms ecu they match, so that’s why the two are in green.
The ID of the sensor on the right rear does not match with the id in the tpms you write, so that tells us there’s a mismatch somewhere either that sensor is not correct or somebody just treating the sensor and didn’t care to relent the vehicle map.

Because I’m not able to get a reading, I’m not able to activate the other two sensors.
Finally, I also test other functions. I want to say, autel mp808ts is awesome. Easy to use and gives pertinent information. I would highly recommend this Autel scanner for the DIY mechanic or small shop, and the seller is very responsive with fast shipping.