How to use VVDI2 program Remote BMW 525i E60 2005?

Program Remote BMW 525i E60 2005 with VVDI2 BMW V6.0.0 in step by step procedure.

Program BMW 525i E60 2005 year

Program with VVDI2

BMW CAS2 Chip on Board frequency: 315MHz.

After programming chip, remote function works.


Open VVDI2 program, click on “BMW”.


This is adding remote.

Click on “Connect’ – “Don’t forget to switch on”.

Cas ID: 9157215 Ca2 315 MHz Key 3.

Click on “Get Key Info”.

Add key: You should insert a working key, turn on, then click on “Next”.

Take away the key from ignition, switch Press “OK”.

Start security Login……

Reading data success.

Click on “Save Key Info” to save key file.

Key 1, 2, 3 are used, try to program key 4.

Click on “Save key info” to save key file.

Choose key number 4

Click on “Prepare dealer key with programmer”.

Please put new key into VVDI2, click on “Ok”.

Does the new key have keyless, if yes please click on “Yes” otherwise “No.

New key is not keyless, so click on “No.

Key make Okay and locked, try to start engine.

Start OK.

If can’t start, try to add key.

Test remote.

Remote ok.