How to use YH BMW FEM BDC key programmer step by step?

YH BMW FEM BDC key programmer step-by-step instruction shown as below.


Step 1: Backup (Read) coding data

1.1: Connect the OBD socket of BMW FEM BDC with the vehicle.

1.2: Connect the USB cable of BMW FEM BDC with PC.


1.3: Please turn on the switch, keep the vehicle battery voltage no less than 13.0V.

1.4: Perform “Backup (read) coding data”, and save the data. Need to use this data later.


Step 2: Update ECU

2.1: Open the vehicle switch, click “Step 2: Update ECU”


2.2: Follow the tips to disconnect battery and other charging device, remove the FEM/BDC, user car universal programmer ( i.e: YH CKM100 or Digimaster 3) to read EEPROM DATA, save in BIN format in PC.


2.3: Go back to the BMW-FEM/BDC interface and click “OK”


2.4: Load the original EEPROM data which was read from the vehicle by programmer.


2.5: The software calculates the corresponding new EEPROM data and ask the user to save it in the BIN format.


2.6: Please write the newly generated EEPROM data in 95128/95256 with the programmer. Solder it back to FEM/BDC and install it back to the vehicle. Restore the power supply of the vehicle and turn on the switch, the click on “OK” to complete these work.


2.6.1: Use the universal programmer i.e YH CKM100 to load the new data which is calculated by BMW -FEM/BDC, then write in EEPROM.

2.6.2: Solder the EEPROM back to FEM/BDC. Install the FEM/BDC back to the vehicle. Recover the power supply for vehicle and turn on the switch. Go back to the FEM/BDC software and click on “OK”.

2.7: Will upgraded ECU, please ensure the vehicle battery voltage is not lower than 13.0V during the upgrade, the process will take 10-30mins, please wait patiently.

2.8: Updating the ECU, it will take 15-30 mins, the software begin to count down.

2.9: Use the BMW-FEM adapter to restore the original 95128/95256 EEPROM data that is read out for the first time. Install the FEM/BDC, supply the power to the vehicle. Complete the above work firstly, then click “OK” to confirm.


Step 3: Add key.

3.1: Turn on the vehicle switch, click ” Step 3: Add key”.


3.2 : Please put the working key close the coil (Located on the lower right of the steering wheel)

3.3:  Read out the working key info.


3.4: Choose the key which need to be added. Learn the key number and click “Learn new key” (Advice use the key number sequentially and in turn)


3.5 Please put the working key close the coil (Located on the lower right of the steering wheel)

3.6 BMW-FEM/BDC Learn new key.


3.7 You could add more keys and learning.


Step 4: Recover (Write) coding data


4.1 Click on ” Recover (Write) coding data”


4.2: Select the first backup coding data of the vehicle, recover it.


4.3: Successful recover coding data. Make full testing of vehicles and Keys.




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