New GODIAG GT101/102 PIRT Power Probe vs TOPDIAG P200 & Autel PS100

This article is about to compare 4 different circuit testers:
GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe
GODIAG GT102 PIRT Power Probe
TOPDIAG P200 SMART HOOK Powerful Probe
Autel PS100 Electrical System Diagnosis Tool

What are the differences among them?

Image godiag gt101 godiag gt102 TOPDIAG P200 Autel PS100
DC Voltage
AC Voltage X X
Positive/Negative Voltage Output
Component Activation
Current Display X
Resistance Display X X
Test Open Circuit
Test Short Circuit
Test Injector X
Clean Injector X X
Test Relay X
Oscilloscope X X X

From above we can see:
1)GT101 vs GT102, GT101 supports current display.
2)GT101 vs TOPDIAG P200, GT101 supports cleaning injector.
3)GT101 vs Autel PS100, GT101 supports relay testing, injector testing and injector cleaning.
4)Only TOPDIAG P200 supports oscilloscope function.

What situations is GODIAG GT101/GT102 applied to?
1)When headlamp, door window, horn and the likes don’t work, troubleshoot components or cables.

2)Test alternator & Idle Motor contorl signal, ECU ignition pulse singal and throttle sensor voltage etc.

3)Cannot start a car, users can test if car battery voltage is normal apart from issues about ignition switch and IMMO

4)When a decoder cannot identify a car and make sure DLC is normal, test if output voltage of DLC is normal.

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