KINGBOLEN EDIAG OBD2 Scanner Customer Reviews

KINGBOLEN EDIAG Full System OBD2 Diagnostic Tool works with Ediag APP on iPhone & Android & iOS smart phone via Bluetooth to perform full system diagnosis and 16 reset functions, etc. How does this scanner actually work? Let’s have a look at the customer’s comments.


Review 1: Compact little scanner works great

Overall compact little scanner easy enough to install software. Was kinda ok to maneuver throu but once playing around the app was easy enough to navigate. Has many options to choose from and will do much more than other scanners in this price range…

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Review 2: Good code reader

Good code reader I had a light on my car so plugged this Ediag scanner in and it read an evap leak it needed an app to use it. Also it has several languages.


Review 3: Small but powerful!!!

Since receiving this Ediag scan tool, I have used it on many different vehicles with no problems. Special functions work flawless and it scans all systems not just the engine control module. Definitely worth the money!!!


Review 4: An OBD2 scanner with lots of features

This OBD2 connector is easier to use than my old one which had some issues connecting to my phone. The included app takes a bit to learn but it won’t take long to figure it out.


Review 5: Impressive

As a 30yr Master tech, i wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised on the bi direction features. It’s nice to have a small scan tool you can edc when someone asks to scan their vehicle.


Review 6: Great little tool that works

I like this Ediag bluetooth obd scanner, so easy to use and small, plugs right into your OBD2 port, have to download the app and sign up to use it, Bluetooth connection, have to download the diagnostics software for the first time but that’s it, red light is power, blue light is Bluetooth connection, flashing blue is in communication mode, it has AFS reset, and a bunch of other resets on this, worth the money to me for sure


Review 7: Useful device

My car the engine light on all the time and most times I went to auto zero to check out, now I can do it myself with Ediag tool, great design and great quality, easy to use and great product with reasonable price.


Review 8: Capable little Bluetooth scanner tool

It is amazing how much information this tool will give you! I purchased this Ediag scan tool as a possible entry level tool for my 2019 Subaru Accent!! Buying this has saved me at least $500 on repairs. A must for anyone wanting to see what is going on with their vehicle. All Cars Oil and SAS resets Free 1 year. Easy to use and so useful!!!


Review 9: Convenient Scanner – Great for the $$

Pleasantly surprised with the Ediag. It was able to solve a mysterious traction control/brake light that kept popping up on my Infiniti G37 – turned out just to be low brake fluid. It also was able to reset the TPMS on the same car. Then I plugged it into my good friend’s E91 BMW Wagon, where it was able to identify a hidden code in the driver seat control module stating the buttons on the seat were bad.


A year subscription to all makes comes with the product, which is great. I’ll definitely be using it consistently as I buy more cars!

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Review 10: The functions of an Expensive Scanner but at a low price.

This ediag scanner is the best option for someone who needs to be able to read codes and view data in all the modules of the car and doesn’t want or can’t spend a lot on high-end scanners. The renewal of the software is also the cheapest thing you’ll see on the market and it’s also bidirectional, something that can only be seen in a scanner worth more than $400 Dlls, very easy to use since you only need your phone or a tablet that is 100% recommended 👍


Review 11: Pretty good Dongle

​Having been using Kingbolen Ediag dongle on vehicles for the last few weeks, and I have been pretty impressed, I had to switch it from Europe to America, but after I did that, it read every vehicle with no issues came up with the same codes my snap on verus edge has, which is very nice. It’s pretty fast as well. It even found issues on a 2000 Econoline van with the 7.3L diesel as well as any other vehicle.

I have used it on but I was impressed it read the van. Because most scan tools don’t read the old fords very well… I been enjoying using this dingle with my samsung galaxy note 10+ 5G it finds all available modules in most vehicles and it does a good job giving you information…

One of my favorite features is it will make a report you can email the customer…

I do wish you could Text the report to the customer as well but maybe that’s a feature that can be added by allowing us to text the report instead of email… would also be cool to text and email reports of a screen grab of the live data pids that are being looked at… all in all its a great little scan tool dongle it kinda reminds me Of Launch scan tool

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Thanks to all above customers’ feedback.

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