Autel MaxiPro MP808K Customer Reviews & FAQs

Autel MaxiPro MP808K diagnostic tool has the same function as MaxiPro MP808 but comes a kit of adapters. Here are some customer reviews and frequently asked questions for reference.

Autel MP808K Customer Reviews:

Review 1: Must have tool

All in one, OEM level diagnose and analysis tool.
Highly recommended for DIYERS.
Used this tool for abs auto bleeding for my 2017 ZL1.

Review 2: Excellent tool at a great price point
I have used diagnostics tool on multiple cars. I find this autel mp808k tool to be excellent at the price point. I have used it to fix my Chevy volt on my sons Volkswagen. I would have given it 5 stars but I believe there is always room for improvement.

Review 3: Great scanner
I have used this mp808k scanner for quite a few vehicles so far. It has worked well for programming keys in my F150 and doing throttle body and transmission shift relearn procedures in my Jetta. The only downside is that the only data it records when you are trying to capture PIDs, seems to be only what is on the scanners screen at the time, so you have to know exactly what PID you are looking for the glitch for your intermittent issues… Definitely worthwhile purchase, regardless!

Review 4: Bi-directional capabilities help pay for itself if you’re a DIY home mechanic!
The software overlay is very stable and fairly snappy. The only thing that can be a tad sluggish is the transitions between modules (at least when connected to a Mercedes-Benz). The MP808K comes with a separate case for the non-OBD2 adapters, which is a nice touch (the main tablet case and OBD2 interface come in a smaller case…much easier to haul around). Autel updates the vehicle specific modules very often, and the main software has updated twice for me since I received mine almost 2 months ago.

I have several vehicles but mainly use it on a diesel MB SUV. I’ve been able to initiate DPF regen cycles, as well as reset adaptations when changing filters and other components. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Happy with my purchase!

Review 5: Really Awesome Piece of Technology
Really awesome diagnostic tool. I’m not a professional mechanic or anything, but I like to do my own work from time to time. I bought this because I just bought a new used 2017 Nissan Maxima. With it having so many electronic parts and pieces, I knew this tool would come in handy. The first thing I did with it was program a couple of new intelligent keys I bought for the car because I was only given one copy from DriveTime. I think you do have to be a little tech savvy to navigate through some of the options, but if you’re used to using a smartphone or computers you can probably figure it out. It didn’t take me long to find the key immobilizer settings and begin reprogramming the keys. However, when I did it the first few times I was not holding the key fobs directly up against the push button start button long enough for the car the recognize the code on the key fob. I had to watch sort of a random YouTube video to realize that was the mistake I was making. After I followed the directions as were given on the diagnostic tool and held the fob up against the start button long enough, all of the key fobs were programmed. So I was very happy about that after I figured it out. Anyway, I plan to use this diagnostic tool for more things, if needed and possibly program some of my friends or family’s car keys, if they need it. Hopefully, I can earn a little bit of the money back that I spent on it or at least save that much money by repairing problems myself.

Review 6: Slow, but it can work
The slower processor doesn’t seem like a deal breaker before you buy but even if you aren’t using it professionally it is painfully slow. Took about 40 minutes to auto scan 2003 suburban. Can’t imagine newer cars with even more modules.

If you ever need to program or reprogram a module, ECU coding likely isn’t what you need. The j2534 is what is needed to program modules if you find a bad one.

This mp808k scan tool plus the j2534 is around 1500 dollars but you may regret not going an option further in the future if speed ever matters to you.

Review 7: Confirmed my suspicions
I was looking for a diagnostic scanner that would do a power balance check on my Ford 6.0L diesel. I also wanted bi-directional capability. This MaxiPro MP808K has all of the bells and whistles, including the power balance and bi-directional capability. The interface was easy to navigate and I was able to get the balance test done quickly. I confirmed that my #2 injector is going bad.
Overall I believe this scanner has the most bang for the buck. I looked at many scanners, including cheaper OBD2 interfaces that plugged into my laptop. This scanner does exactly what I needed it to. It will also be useful on other vehicles that I have and may acquire in the future. For example, it will control the electronic parking brake on my VW Passat for pad changes. Very well built and the overall packaging and execution are top notch. Support is also readily available through the unit, phone, and internet/email. Glad I picked this one!

Review 8: Well built- User friendly
Purchased this for my BMW. It does a pretty good job of scanning engine codes and has some nice features for active tests. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it really can add chip keys to cars, it worth every penny. Overall pretty happy with it. Batter life is limited to only about 4 hours. No big deal, just make sure to put it back on the charger.

Autel MP808K FAQs:

Q: What TPMS functions does mp808k do? Can it program TPMS sensors?
A: MP808K can perform TPMS Sensors ID Relearn ONLY for TPMS functions. It can NOT program TPMS sensors.

Q: Does MP808K support all vehicles?
A: For all systems read and clear codes, yes.
But it’s NOT universally compatible for service & special functions like Active Tests, ABS Auto Bleed, Key Fob Programming, Oil Reset, EPB, TPMS Sensors ID Relearn, DPF Regeneration, BMS and etc.

Q: Does this perform odometer correction on 2015 F150?
A: Yes, it will perform speedometer corrections for tire size and axle ratio changes, which will then correct your odometer from that point on.

Q: Will this MP808K work on a 2018 VW Golf R?
A: Yes.

Q: Can it program key for Infiniti, Toyota or Nissan?
A: MP808K has the capability to program new keys on Asian cars like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and etc. However, please be reminded that this function is NOT universally compatible.

Q: Where is url of all car matrix on what services it will perform for each vehicle? In particular 2006 mercedes cls 500, 1999 Lincoln Town car,
A: Please refer to the link below and select MP808, Mercedes-Benz, CLS, From 2004-2010 and MP808, Lincoln, Town Car, 1999 respectively and check the compatibility:

Q: How many car updates can I download?
A: You can download as many as you like as it comes with 12 Months Free software updates.

Q: What obd1 connectors are included in the package?
A: MP808K includes 11 OBDI Adapters as below:
Adapter for FIAT-3; Adapter for PSA-3; Adapter for HONDA-3; Adapter for NISSAN-14; Adapter for GM/DAEWOO-12; Adapter for BMW-20; Adapter for KIA-20; Adapter for CHRYSLER-16; Adapter for BENZ-38; Adapter for HYUNDAI-12+16; Adapter for VW/AUDI-2+2

Q: Why there are empty slots in the MP808K package?
A: Please be reminded that it’s normal to have empty slots in the package since the inner packing foam is not custom designed for MP808K. Autel put different adapters into packages according to the model names.

Q: Can I change the mp808k menu language into Spanish? How can I do that?
A: Yes, you can. To change the menu language of MP808K into Spanish, please send the serial number to your dealer to get the Authorization. When authorization is done, please follow the steps below to change the menu language:
1. Connect the MP808K scan tool to wifi.
2. Go to Settings- Updates- Download Spanish Software Updates
3. Go to Settings- Language- Spanish

To be continued…

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