Thinkdiag Reviews on Different Car Models

Thinkdiag Code Scanner is a cheap but professional diagnostic tool. It supports full systems diagnosis and 16 special functions. You can enjoy free EOBD+ DEOB + one manufacturer software once purchased. Here are some real user feedbacks based on experience with Thinkdiag. Hope it helps!


Review 1: Definitely worth it. License auto tech

Really handy little tool. Use this obd2 scanner for my personal vehicles. So far used it on a 08 Mini Cooper, performed great bidirectional control, power balance, lights, solenoids, etc. Definitely worth it. I've used thinkcar thinkdiag with Ford and Toyota as well and it has done everything I've required even on the powerstroke diesel.


Review 2: Bidirectional, allows you to actuate vehicle functions

The AC actuator in my 2006 Trailblazer stopped working. I was able to read the internal fault code and manually test the actuator, which proved to be faulty. Thinkdiag is a great tool for the DIY auto mechanic that needs to troubleshoot and isolate a fault code. You get one free vehicle software, then the license for that software needs to be renewed each year for a subscription price. Very well worth the price considering the price of other scan tools.


Review 3: Best scanner for a serious DIY’er

This thinkdiag scanner has a robust set of features that you can purchase ala carte. Basically it a scan tool that if you had to purchase all the software, you would have to probably a couple thousand a year to keep it updated and usable. However you do pay a yearly fee, but only for what vehicle manufacturer (then it works on any model, say GM, for example, you can use it on Buick, Cadillac, GMC, etc.), you can also purchase what service and special features ala carte, such as brake reset, IMMS, etc. For the price of the scanner, and the yearly fee, it 'cheap' for the bidirectional, and robust feature set you get.


Review 4: Great Value!

So far so good! Used it to on a 2013 Chevy Sonic to test the cooling fans low and high speeds. It was easy to use. I like that they give you two brands for free for the first year. I chose GM and Ford.


Review 5: Bidirectional testing!

I will update this review as I get some more experience with this thinkdiag scanner but so far I am very impressed! I am just getting into automotive diagnostics (so keep that in mind when you read my review) and didn't want to spend $800 – $3600 on a pro scanner. I am very happy with the capabilities of this scanner. I used it on my 2019 Equinox to test the bidirectional testing and was able to control the console lights and a few other simple and low risk tests. It really is incredible to have that capability for such a low price. I would buy this again if I lost it or broke it.

1. Price
2. I was able to see data that my cheaper scanner couldn't do.
3. True bi-directional testing!
4. Downloading the app and setup was very easy.
5. Connecting to the device from my Samsung Note 8 was easy too.

1. You get two Makes for free for one year then you have to subscribe. For example, I chose GM and that lets me scan my Equinox and Silverado. I read it will also work on the Pontiacs in my extended family but I have not tested that yet.
2. Speed – This thing is not as fast as the pro scanners I see on YouTube. This is not an issue for me but I am not doing this for a living.
3. Bluetooth Losing Connection – When I first started using it the bluetooth connection dropped several times. After the first 4-5 attempts I had no further issues with it. I was sitting in the driver's seat very close to the OBD port so I'm not sure what the issue was.

Thanks for all the users giving the real feedbacks above.

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