KTAG Clone All Options Gray (Solved)


KTAG clone all protocols in grey.
I have all the DVD files, original installers, SD files, etc, but all I get is grey ECUs for all models.

Installed Ksuite 2.08, 2.10, 2.11 and several combinations of Ksuite in two machines (Win7 x64 SP3 and a fresh install of WinXP) with the same results… Grey ECUs and no protocols.
Formatted the SD card, changed USB cables, copied Log, System, Update folder to it and still no luck. If I remove the SD card and put it in the PC, it will ask to reformat it every time.


www.eobdtool.co.uk engineer has Solution:

install 2.06 ksuite.

2.06 ksuite free download: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/KSuite-v2.06.zip


2.06 ksuite full:





1.89 ksuite: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/k-suite-1.89.zip