Ktag Clone Peugeot 206/207 HDI BOSCH ECU EDC16C3 on Bench

Our KTAG V7.020 can easily decrypt and read the password and it automatically unlocks the Tricore sectors so it can read and write both FLASH and EEPROM.

If you are looking for a bench tool mainly for ECU programming(car/truck/motorcycle…) and that supports DENSO, GPT, NEC Protocols well with limited budget, this Ktag less than 100$ maybe your choice.

1. Do Not update online, only support update via CD or download link.
2. Running software KSUITE needs to close anti-virus programs.

How to clone Peugeot 206/207 HDI EDC16C3 ECU?
Connect Ktag to LED BDM frame&EDC16C3 ECU and to PC

Open up KSUITE,
Select “1400 HDI 8HX(DV4TD)”.

Click on “BOSCH EDC16 PSA(P5)” than we have Micro, Flash, EEPROM info.

Just enter to read it.
Backup, and read Micro…read Flash…read EEPROM and save the data file.

Replace circuit board, new one is from Mazda 2.
Click on “Write” and select the file we just got.
This step takes about 15 minutes.

Done! Then we can install it back in the car.

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