KTAG V2.13 FW 6.070 read ME9.0 ECU Volvo S40 OK with pinout

It’s newly tested SUCCESS to read Volvo S40 BOSCH ME9.0 ECU data by KTAG V2.13 FW 6.070! Here will show you the procedure step by step and clear BOSCH ME9.0 KTAG pinout!



Check this KTAG pinout for VOLVO ECU BOSCH ME9.0 (Directly from KATG database)

Open the ECU carefully, solder and connect it according to the pinout.


Now you are good to go!

Open KTAG ECU Programmer software KTAG 2.13.

Click the car icon to enter below menu:

Select Manufacturer: VOLVO, Model: S40

Select the right ECU type: BOSCH ME9.0

Click OK.

Check all info before continue: BOSXH ME9+ VOLVO (P73) EEPROM 95080…

Click “Read” and KTAG master will start read ME9.0 ECU.

(Remember to check the “Backup” box)

Wait the reading complete 100%.

And save the ECU bin file!

Tips: Now the newer firmware V7.020 is available!

Check this: KTAG FW 7.020 with unlimited tokens

Add more ECU protocols like Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, VW 17.5.5, Ford E83, Mercedes M276 ECU…