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Item No Item Name Picture Price(EUR) Free Shipping Update Cost
EUUKSP183-D Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet with WiFi Printer 820 Yes 799.00USD/Year
HKSP184 Launch X431 V+ X431 Pro3 10inch Tablet 1087 Yes 829USD/Year
SP184-B X431 V+Pro3 10 Inch Plus HD Module 1165 Yes
 SP291 Launch X431 Pro Mini 6.9 Inch 600 No 459USD/Year
HKSP300 Launch X431 Diagun IV 7inch 550 Yes 459USD/Year
SP293 Launch X431 HD Truck Module 615 No 589USD/Year
HKSC293 Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5 Inch 407 No

Beside the Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5 Inch, all above items support multi-language and update online two years for free
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