Lonsdor K518ISE Hibernation Function Update Operation


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer new update to support hibernation function which could help the device to save power and prolong standby time. What’s more, the hibernation function enables the K518ISE to auto standby instead of being overheated in hot summer.


Lonsdor K518ISE New updated to support Hibernation Function and Hex Editor. This blog will share how to update Hibernation function, for Hex Editor update operation, please click here:



Preparation for Update:

  1. Power on the device or keep the battery level over 80%.
  2. Make sure wifi network is in good condition and the device receives signal normally;


Updated Device: Lonsdor K518ISE

Updated Condition: for all K518ISE devices with working normally

Updated Content: Added Hibernation function; Kernel update supported

Updated Version: K518ISE APK V1.5.25


Hibernation function Update Operation:

  1. Click [One key update] and skip to below interface. Then click the first button to update system. When the update complete, click [OK] to reboot the device.


  1. After rebooting, click and enter [Settings] menu, you will find there are two additional function buttons: [Update Kernel ] and [Display Settings].


  1. Click [Update Kernel] first and skip to below interface, then press [Update] to update the kernel.


  1. Click [Install] after updating the kernel file. And the device will reboot to install kernel.


  1. Blank screen is normal during the installation. The whole process will take 5 minutes, be patient to wait and dont restart the device manually.


  1. The update complete when the password input interface appears. Screen auto-lock in the [Display Settings ] is added.


  1. Enter [Settings][Display Settings] to adjust the screen brightness and screen auto-locking time .


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