How to identify 7935 chip/ 46 chip by Lonsdor KH100

How to use Lonsdor KH100 remote maker to identify blank 7935 and 46 chip (HITAG 2)? Here is the step-by-step guide for you.


Lonsdor KH100 key remote programmer

Blank 7935 key

46 chip


Put the blank 7935 key into Lonsdor KH100 coil

Select “Identify Copy” and press “OK” button

It prompts “As shown in the pic, put a chip, click OK”

Reading the chip, please wait…

Read out 7935 chip successfully

More chip info display

Return to main menu

Take out 7935 chip and put a chip to identify

Read out the 46 chip (HITAG 2) info


State: Unlocked and Copyable

A copy button appears in the P6 option

Read P7 failed

Take out 46 chip and put 7935 chip into KH100 again

Read out the same chip info as above

Change 46 chip to identify

Read out the data successfully

46 chip (HITAG 2), LKP, ID: F8FA7C8E CF7961

Follow the prompt to operate