MINI/BMW EDC17C50 Engine ECU Clone with Foxflash or Kess V3?


Which tool can read and write Mini/BMW EDC17C50 Engine ECU on bench?

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 1

Here is the suggestion from engineer.

Both foxflash ECU programmer and ALIENTECH Kess3 can do that.

Two tools are able to read/write ECU/TCU via OBD, OBDvr, bench and boot mode.

The difference between them is as follows:

  • Foxflash is intuitive to use, has no subscriptions, more convenient to use.
  • KESS V3 is based on licenses. The KESS3 is the most complete tool on the market actually. It has wider coverage than foxflash. It has saved us enough times. For example, KESS3 will read PSA DCM7.1A/B on bench, foxflash only boot.

Kess3 is good for many cars incl. older and new. Besides, it has many VR files for Denso ECUs and it is pretty good for bench works.


So, how does foxflash and kess V3 work for Mini/BMW EDC17C50 Engine ECU?

Let’s have a look at the below. Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool

Ability: read, write and do auto checksum

Method: on bench


Foxflash BMW EDC17C50 ECU Pinout diagram:

Red: +12 V (Pin1, 18)

Black: Ground (Pin 2)

Blue: CAN-H (Pin 56)

Orange: CAN- L (Pin 55)

White: Pin 92, Pin 89, Pin 9

Brown: Pin 89, Pin 92

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 2

Follow the diagram to connect Foxflash ECU Tool and BMW ECU via bench box and multifunction cables

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 3

After connecting Foxflash device and a computer via USB cable, go to run Foxflash Manager and Foxflash software

Select BENCH MODE>> MINI>> TC1797-BMW>> EDC17C50

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 4

Click “Connect” to read ECU info

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 5

Then select “Read Int Flash Micro” and “Read Eeprom” to read and save the corresponding data separately

foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 6 foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 7 foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 8 foxflash clone bmw edc17c50 9

The original Int Flash Micro and EEPROM data can be written into the new BMW ECU to complete the clone function. ALIENTECH Kess V3

Ability: read, write, auto checksum, read/modify ISN

Method: on bench



PIN Color Description
PIN 1, 18 Red VECU
PIN 2 Black GND
PIN 56 White CAN-H
PIN 55 Green CAN-L
PIN 92 Light Blue GPT1
PIN 89 Pink GPT2

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 1

Plug in the bench power supply 1400K3ALIM to the KESS3

Connect the cable 144300KBNC to the ECU connector, using the appropriate extensions 144300KTER according to the above diagram

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 2

Connect KESS3 ECU Programmer to computer via USB cable

After connection, run ALIENTECHsuite software

Input edc17c50 in the searching box to quickly obtain the corresponding ECU model

Click “Continue” to next step

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 3

Select bench mode and continue

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 4

Identify ECU, read backup data and save file

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 5 Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 6

For ECU clone, click “Clone ECU” and upload the original ECU data to write into the new EDC16U1 VW ECU

Besides, it also can work with Xhorse VVDI2 to read and change BMW ISN.

Connect VVDI2 programmer and ECU correctly according to the related connection diagram

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 7 Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 8

Run VVDI2 software, enter BMW menu

Select Key Learn>> ECU/CAS ISN>> E-Series ISN- EDC17xx (16 Bytes)

Click “Load From File” to upload the original EEPROM data just saved with ALIENTECH Kess3

Then the BMW ISN will be read out and you can change the ISN directly.

Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 9 Kess3 clone bmw edc17c50 10


Something you need to know:

1.You don’t need to renew /virgin the replacement ECU before cloning it with Kess V3.

2.For cloning service, you need to read Flash and EEPROM from the original ECU and write both files in the replacement ECU.

3.You’d better make a full backup from the replacement ECU because sometimes customer change mind and you must be able to restore original data.

4.foxflash ECU tool works well in Win7, sometimes lost driver but could be from antivirus.

5.FoxFlash can read/write data but not extract ISN.

Both Foxflash tool and original Kess V3 are professional and popular ECU programmers. For professional users, get both as a backup tool.


Original ALIENTECH KESS V3 Kess3 ECU and TCU Programming Tool:

FoxFlash ECU TCU Clone & Chip Tuning Tool:


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