OBDSTAR P50 Opel 13582437 (GM) Airbag Reset on Bench

OBDSTAR P50 is verified to reset airbag on Opel 13582437(GM) XC2xxxX on bench perfectly, no need to weld, no need PC. It can read ECU info, read DTC, clear DTC and clear crash without any issue. The airbag reset software used is V30.29.

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 1


Here is the detailed operation process.

It’s very easy to do with the operation instruction and wiring diagram in the software.

Select Airbag Reset>> All>> Airbag reset icon>> Airbag reset V30.29>> Auto Search Part Number

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 2

Input the ECU part number which can be found on the airbag ECU

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 3

Then confirm the value

The ECU model appears on the screen, tap it and enter the next step

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 4

Click [Diagram], and follow it to connect P50 airbag reset tool and GM airbag ECU via OBDSTAR P004 adapter and jumper correctly, supply power to P50, and turn on P004 adapter start button.

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 5 obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 6 obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 7

Read ECU information- OK

Read out the par number, programming date, serial number and VIN

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 8

Read DTC- OK

A list of fault code displays on the screen.

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 9

Erase Crash- OK

Erase the crash successfully

obdstar p50 opel airbag reset on bench 10


Beside 13582437(GM) XC2xxxX, OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool also supports other 94 kinds of ECU part numbers. You need to update the airbag reset software to the newest version 30.33.

The following list covers all Opel GM airbag ECU models supported by P50.

Brand Part Number ECU Manufacture Memory ECU Info. Read DTC Erase DTC Erase Crash
Opel 13501886 GM
Opel 13501888 GM
Opel 13503645 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13503647 GM 9S12XDP512
Opel 13505596 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13505598 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13510398 GM
Opel 13511833 GM
Opel 13512455 GM
Opel 13514457 GM XC2336A72
Opel 13514459 GM XC2336A72
Opel 13517431 GM
Opel 13517433 GM
Opel 13517436 GM
Opel 13517437 GM
Opel 13517442 GM
Opel 13518025 GM
Opel 13518030 GM
Opel 13518040 GM
Opel 13518658 GM
Opel 13518659 GM
Opel 13521037 GM
Opel 13527772 GM
Opel 13527774 GM
Opel 13527775 GM
Opel 13529139 GM
Opel 13529157 GM
Opel 13529158 GM
Opel 13529756 GM
Opel 13529758 GM
Opel 13534408 GM
Opel 13534411 GM
Opel 13534413 GM
Opel 13534414 GM
Opel 13534416 GM
Opel 13534765 GM
Opel 13534766 GM
Opel 13534768 GM
Opel 13574895 GM MAC7242
Opel 13574896 GM MAC7242
Opel 13575449 GM
Opel 13575683 GM MAC7242
Opel 13576628 GM
Opel 13576748 GM
Opel 13576749 GM
Opel 13576750 GM
Opel 13576859 GM MAC7242
Opel 13578320 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13578322 GM
Opel 13582437 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13582825 GM
Opel 13583413 GM
Opel 13583430 GM
Opel 13583431 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13583433 GM 9S12XDT384
Opel 13585613 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13586630 GM UPD70F3470
Opel 13587450 GM
Opel 13587452 GM
Opel 13588100 GM 9S12XEG384
Opel 13589374 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13589405 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13589408 GM
Opel 13589412 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13589413 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13589689 GM XC2xxxX
Opel 13590212 GM
Opel 13590216 GM XC2361A
Opel 13591911 GM
Opel 13592405 GM
Opel 13592406 GM
Opel 13592407 GM
Opel 13592409 GM
Opel 13593287 GM SPC560P50
Opel 13593289 GM
Opel 13593290 GM
Opel 13595562 GM
Opel 13596602 GM
Opel 13596661 GM
Opel 13597089 GM
Opel 13597091 GM
Opel 13597092 GM SPC560P50
Opel 13597093 GM SPC560P50
Opel 13599648 GM
Opel 13599649 GM
Opel 13599651 GM
Opel 13599652 GM
Opel 13599653 GM
Opel 13599654 GM
Opel 13599656 GM
Opel 13599790 GM
Opel 22922716 GM
Opel 22922717 GM
Opel 22922718 GM
Opel 22922719 GM

For the newest vehicle coverage, check OBDSTAR P50 Car List 2023.3.15.rar (313k)


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