OBDSTAR X-100 Pro VS Xtool X-100

Both OBDSTAR X-100 Pro and Xtool X-100 is universal hand-held key programmer, work on all most vehicles in the markets. As newly released OBDSTAR X-100 Pro is more powerful than Xtool X-100. Here we list the difference between them one by one, hope it is helpful for you

  1. Both of them is original makes with high quality, but come from different factory:

OBDSTAR X100 pro is designed by OBDTAR factory

Xtool X100 is designed by Xtool factory

  1. Update online on different website:

OBDSTAR X100 Pro update on:http://www.obdstar.com/ 3 years for free

Xtool X100 update on:http://www.xtooltech.com/, with serial number and register password

  1. Different function:

OBDSTAR X100 pro: support EEPROM function, but you need to buy EEPROM adapter alone

Xtool X100: do not support EEPROM function

  1. Support different vehicles:

OBDSTAR X100 pro: do not support Proton

Xtool X100: support Proton

  1. Different main board

OBDSTAR X100 Pro with new design of PCB hardware, greatly improved configuration