Peugeot 406 Non JBL to JBL audio system (Solved)

I have recently purchased a JBL amplifier to fit my car. Still need to buy the JBL speakers, because the seller couldn’t find them in the shed. Altogether I picked up a corresponding Clarion HU (the one from JBL system). And also I removed CD changer out of my p206, which seems to be same as in my p406. The CD changer in my car was working intermittently. My questions would be: do i need to change the wiring to power up new JBL spec Clarion HU? Wiring up the speakers is no problem, because i have a wiring loom for them. As I understand, JBL amp has only +12v, gnd and remote wires which goes to headunit? Now about speakers, as I don’t have them, are the JBL speakers from sedan/wagon/coupe the same? From info I’ve found, coupe rear speakers are separate for bass and tweeters, while sedan rear speakers are combined with bass/tweeters. And last question, will I need to program new HU, amp and cd changer to my car using PP2000, if so, how?



I cannot answer all your questions, but here goes…..


The wiring for the head unit should be the same.


You will need PP2000 to code the HU to the car – it will work if not coded, but beeps every few seconds. You need to program the HU to your car’s VIN code, easy to do.


Attach Diagbox V7.76 Software which works on Peugeot 406:

Tip: Make sure the PP2000 interface PCB comes with 921815C firmware, details as below.


Yes, it is clear about programming HU to car vin. How JBL amp gets power, if I leave standard loom for radio? And does jbl amp has a function, something like remote? Well, actually I am taking apart whole interior right now(because of water ingress through rear tail light ), so I think I’ll manage to trace the correct wiring.


This may help: