SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine: Errors+ Solutions

Today I’d like to share the 2019 newest SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine: the common errors and solutions when using SEC-E9 for users.

3 common errors:

1 Calibrate SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

Error: No full calibration was done before decoding and cutting keys.

Note: It is very important to make sure doing full calibration before using SEC-E9.

2 Electrical Conductivity of keys

Error: A. Use SEC-E9 to decode plastic keys, aluminum keys directly

Note: SEC-E9 decodes keys based on electrical conductivity principle, so it cannot decode any non-metal keys.

  • Plastic keys cannot be decoded, such as Magotan VW.

  • Aluminum keys need to polish the alumina before decoding, such as Land Rover and Volvo.

The alumina will come out on the edge of the key after oxidizing, which cannot be conductive. In this circumstance, we need to polish the edge of the key and check the voltage between decoder and key which should be higher than 3.5V by multi-meter.

Measuring decoder and key in this way:

Put one pin on the decoder

Put the other pin on the clamp

Error: B. Decode the key which has lubricating oil or engine oil without cleaning.

Note: If there is something else in key such as lubricating oil or engine oil that may weaken the conduction, please clean the original key before decoding.

Error: C. Use the rusty key or non original key to decode with SEC-E9

Note: If the original get rusty, it would have poor effect on electrical conductivity. Please try to polish it before decoding. Moreover, some aftermarket keys (not from original factory) have poor quality on conduction.

3 Connect the Decoder cable poorly

Error: A. The screw is loose and not cleaned in time.

Note: The cable may be loose when bump, please check this screw is loose or not, if yes, please clean and tight it.

Finish the step above, and unplug this port, then plug it in again

Error: B. Decode with voltage lower than 3.5V

Note: All steps above checked, but still break decoder. Please try to measure the voltage between decoder and clamp. It’s working fine if it’s higher than 3.5V.

What’s more, you could try to measure if the screws on side panel and clamp are conductive or not, if yes, the multi-meter would beep; if not, or the voltage between them is lower than 3.5V, you can ask for tech support from