Solution to Handy Baby II download JMD remote failed

Solution to Handy Baby II failed to download JMD remote. 

Look at the following images:

Synchronize key works but download JMD remote failure.

Solution offered by engineer:

Please connect to JMD APP to download the data.

How to install JMD APP software?

Boot Handy-baby II and enter [Setup] menu, select [APP QR code], scan

QR code to download.


The first time to use Handy-baby II, you are required to active. Open the Handy-baby II Bluetooth in the menu of [Setup], connects the phone APP to Handy-baby II, and then select the [Activation] menu to activate the



(1) Remote renew

  1. Selection [Remote]à[Remote renew],
  2. Select the key type that needs to be unlocked through the arrow


  1. And then connect it.Remote control of wire to remote download

port,Press[OK] to write,

  1. Refer to[HB key unlock tutorial] for details.


(2)FIX CODE clone

  1. Select [Remote]à【FIX CODE clone】.
  2. Put the original remote control on the reading coil,press the

key in turn according to the prompt.

  1. When finished, put in the copy submachine,press [OK] to download
  2. After the download is completed, the indicator is flashing

without success.

  1. If failure, downloaded again.

JMD remote control list: