Handy Baby Update to V9.0.0 Supports VW All Keys Lost

JMD handy baby key chip copy programming update to V9.0.0 now !
1st:8C copy by JMD handy baby use TK5561A chip! so easy and so quickly! use TK5561A blank chip !!
2nd: Support all key lost VW car by assistant! (not including MQB , smart key ……) need extra pay each time!! just use assistant online !
3rd: Support all key lost VW car by JMD assistant! (not including MQB, smart key ……) need extra payment each time!! just use assistant online !

JMD handy baby official and 9.0.0 (client 4.1.8) software download:

Handy Baby v9.0.0 update:

1.Show Epica(4D60) master key match code after identification.
2.Increase unlock Toyota smart key function.
3.Increase copy Honda 47 by king chipII.
4.Increase generate blank 47(just support king chipII)
5.Increase read/write hitag AES/PRO.
6.Distinguish 8A master key,support write or lock P4/P5/P6/P8/P10.
7.Increase unlock hitag vag(just support 754C and 754J of handy baby)
8.Decode 48 chip online, except MQB system.

Attached some pictures to show more: