Solved! JLR DoiP VCI Cannot Connect to SDD Software

Customer problem:

I have installed the original Bosch Driver for my JLR DoiP VCI from C:\Program Files\AVL_DiTEST\Pathfinder\Bosch_Driver, and it can be identified in VCI Manager (JLR), but when i open SDD software, i found it cannot connect to VCI. solution:

Please modify two path as below:

Path 1: Go to C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Runtime

Open “Gateway/Manager.ini” notepad

Add a comma symbol in Chinese before “Device5 = JLR- DoIP” and save (Note:  cannot add in English)

Path 2: Open C:\Program Files\JLR\SDD\Runtime

Select “Gateway/Manager.ini” notepad and open

Add a comma symbol in Chinese before “Device5 = JLR- DoIP”

Then save and exit

Customer feedback:

Follow the suggestion from our professional engineer, the JLR DoIP VCI interface is connected successfully!