Solution: Toyota Smart Key Generated Can Start Car but Remote doesn’t Work

Many customers use Xhorse, Lonsdor or other brands’ smart key to generate like Toyota smart key. Sometimes new keys work but may not fully function this vehicle: remote, proximity feature or even one button doesn’t work.

Actually, these smart keys are universal keys, not designed for one specific model. So, if your car starts but some functions don’t work, we need to do more step to match the remote to your vehicle – manual remote modification.

Here, eobdtool raises two examples for your reference:

Example 1
Tool: Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S
Smart Key: Lonsdor FT11-H0410C Toyota Smart Key (Toyota AKL Online Calculation Activation is required)
Vehicle: Toyota Rav4 2020
Issue: Generate Lonsdor FT smart key, key can start the car but buttons don’t work.

Go to
Special functions>>Remote>>FT smart key>>8A>>Modify remote count value
Put key into the card slot.
After current remote count value reading, start manual modification.

Increase it by 400 and test if it works.
If not, add by 400 again.
Each time you modify it will automatically change the last two numbers of the value.
It’s normal, just copy that and add & test again.

Example 2
Tool: Key Tool Max/Key Tool Plus
Smart Key: Xhorse XM smart key
Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma 2016
Toyota Rav4 2018
Issue: Only one option makes remote work but none has the prox feature working. Try another car, the same issue.

Go to
Special Function>>XM smart key customization

1. Modify frequency
Sometimes programming tool has no option we want, so we can choose a close one and modify later.

2. Modify Baud
Similar to count value modification above, add by 400 until it tests OK.

3. Modify Button
When you find one button like trunk, unlock doesn’t work, the button value/ID may be incorrect or identical to others.

Finally, before finishing generating smart key, be sure to test all buttons and proximity features.

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