(Tested OK) CN900 MINI copy Ford Focus 4D83 chip key directly

Good news for sharing! We newly tested it OK to decode and copy Ford Focus smart key 4D83 chip using CN900 MINI Key Programmer! Following are steps for your checking:

(CN900 MINI and ND900 MINI share same function and software, only the cases are different!)

  1. Turn car ignition on with original key. Power up CN900 MINI and put the original key blade into the coil. Click “READ& COPY” icon on main menu.

  1. CN900 MINI read out key data

Click “DECODE” to decode the original key. (Don’t move the key when decoding)

Decode successfully!

  1. Put the new ID83 transponder chip (YS31 CN5 Chip for Toyota G and 4D chip) into the coil.

Click “COPY” to copy this new chip. (Don’t move the chip when copying)

MINI CN900 successfully copy new 4D83 transponder chip for Ford Focus!

  1. Put new chip close to car ignition lock cylinder and press car Start button. New chip is tested working!

P.S We also tested CN900 MINI Bluetooth OK to copy 4D63 key chip for Ford Focus!