VCM2 – Which WiFi adapter?

Here are two wifi adapters to make VCM 2 work on wifi and I noticed that I need 2 DWA-131 adapters. I am wondering if I have to buy the old one or the new one will work.

This is the new one:

and this the old one:


I have both wifi adaptors. Old one and new one.
I am using like this because its recomanded by Ford:
New one into the VCM2 and the old one into the computer USB.
I am using it in windows 7.
I am using it from IDS v86 till the last IDS v110.06 now.
But I tested the old one into the VCM only and I used a rooter and no the second adaptor into the computer. ( tested into the latest IDS v110.06 )
I did the same test with the new adaptor too
The wifi adaptor is a simply wifi adaptor and nothing more. The first adaptor was replaced by the second one but this has nothing to do with the VCM2.
This adaptors can be used in computersad it is if you haven’t a wifi adaptor and it can be used with GM MDI 2 too.
So no relation with the firmware.
If you wanna using the VCM through a rooter the you need only one into the VCM2.
I suppose that you can use an Android cell phone as a rooter as well but I didn’t tested yet but I am very sure that it has to work