Volvo PROSIS V2019.01 Installation and Activation on Windows 7

How to install and activate Volvo PROSIS V2019.01 on Windows 7? Here is the step-by-step guide with you all.


Volvo PROSIS Specification
Region: All regions
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese
OS: Windows7
Quantity of CD: 3 DVD
Year: 2019
Date of update: 02.2019


Volvo PROSIS V2019.01 Installation and Activation Video Guide Here:


Main Steps:

Step 1: Install Volvo PROSIS 2019

Step 2: Activate Volvo PROSIS 2019




Step 1: Install Volvo PROSIS 2019

Open DAEMON Tools Lite software

Select “PROSIS 2019” file and open


Click “[DT-0](H:) PROSIS2019”-> “Open folder to view files”-> “ProsisInstaller”

Click the “Accept and Install” button to accept the Microsoft. NET Framework license terms”


Install Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5.2

Install PROSIS

It takes about 3 minutes to install, please keep patient

Click “Next” to access next step

Open “PROSIS Offline” software

Click “Login” to continue

It prompts “There was no endpoint listening at https://localhost:1443/UpTime/UpTimeApplication/Prosis Service/that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. Use the Copy button to extract information about this error if you wish to report it.

Click “Close”

Exit “PROSIS Offline” software

Go to “PROSIS Importer”

Open “ReleaseManifest” file

Click “Start” button to restart database

Click “Details” to see the process

Importing new PROSIS Content is complete, click “Close”


Open “PROSIS Offline” software again

Click “Login”

Newest PROSIS Offline 2019 info is shown clearly


Click “drop-down” option to application settings


Exit “PROSIS Offline”


Step 2: Activate Volvo PROSIS 2019

Follow the steps below to activate PROSIS software

Go to “PROSIS Offline”-> Click the logo marked-> Select “Import”


Open “ProsisAuthenticationData.pass”


The import has completed successfully. Close the application and log in without a password utilize the new rights.