Vpecker E4 Phone Version Diagnose BMW Overlook

Recently, we released a new auto diagnostic tool phone version – Vpecker E4 APP version.

This app version is the update of Vpecker E4 Tablet which supports professional diagnostic functions like DTC, data stream, component testing and freeze framing, coding/ restting / programming and so on.

Here post a Vpecker E4 app version functions interface:

Vpecker E4 app functions

This post will help know more about this Vpecker E4 Phone programming BMW, let’s move on.

Vpecker E4 Phone Version BMW Menu Selection:

Vpecker E4 APP do BMW Vpecker E4 Phone version Vpecker E4 BMW

When Vpecker E4 APP read BMW ECU Info:

Vpecker E4 APP read BMW ECU Vpecker E4 phone version read BMW ECU


Vpecker E4 Read BMW DTCs

Diagnose offline

Vpecker E4 BMW DTCs

Diagnose online

Read BMW DTCs online

Show BMW Data stream


BMW data stream waveform show in Vpecker E4 APP

Vpecker E4 BMW data stream BMW data stream Vpecker E4 data stream Vpecker E4 diagnose Vpecker E4 data stream

Vpecker E4 APP version data

The Vpecker E4 APP version professional waveform display which could enlarge and diminish make it more useful for user to analyze every wave band under different auto conditions. What’s more, it’s more convenient to analyze and find out the fault of the cars. Users could also analyze up to 4 data stream they need with the DIY function.


If you are interested in this professional Vpecker E4 phone version, you could turn to eobdtool.co.uk: