VVDI2 V6.7.5 Software Download Free & Install (Update)

Here share the newest VVDI2 software V6.7.5 download link, update info and installation guide.

1.Free Download V6.7.5 VVDI2 Software(safe):

2.V6.7.5 Xhorse VVDI2 Software Update Info:
Updated on May 28th, 2020
Need firmware V6.7.5

VAG V6.7.5
1.Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
2.Improvement for update FRF, SGO file

BMW V6.7.5
1.Improvement for CAS3 key learning

 Transponder Programmer V6.7.5
1.Improvement to make proximity remote
2.Immobilizer data tool:Asia->Hyundai->Santa Fe->2008-MPC5XX bugfix
3.Improvement for clone ID70/ID83
4.Special chip: Add new ID47 for Great Wall ORA

Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.7.5

J2534 V6.7.5

Online Update Tool V6.7.5

Quick Start V6.7.5

3.VVDI2 Software V6.7.5 Installation& Update Guide:

It’s very easy to install. Just click on the software downloaded, then Next… Next…Install.
Update VVDI2 from old version to newest software V6.7.5:

Step 1: Connect VVDI2 key programmer to computer via USB cable

Step 2: Open [VVDI2 Quick Start]
Step 3: Select [Update Online]

Click on [Device Information]
Detect the current device firmware, hardware version and Authorized function

Step 4: Open [Upgrade Kit] option in the main menu
Click on [Find Device]
Read out the current version
Click on [Upgrade]

Just wait a moment, it’s very fast to update
When finished updating, click on [OK]

Step 5: Switch to [Update Online] interface
Click on [Device Information] again
VVDI2 had been updated to V6.7.5 successfully
In the [Authorized function], the following functions are YES now.
(VV-01) VAG 4th immobilizer
(VV-02) VAG 5th immobilizer
(VV-03) VAG Copy 48 transponder by OBDII
(VV-04) Copy 48 transponder (96 bit)
(VV-05) VAG MQB immobilizer
(VB-02) BMW CAS4
(VP-01) Porsche immo data tool

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