Where to buy Tech 2 clone SP23-1 for a good price & high quality?

GM Tech 2 good china clone, Where to:



Tech 2 good price: 219 usd, 7% off (it was 235 usd)

SP23-1 is the most-effective clone version.

look at the chart for details:

Item NO. Package Weight(kg) 32MB Card CANDI TIS2000 USB Key Hot Selling
SP23 Plastic Case 5.1 Yes Yes YES ★★★★★
SP23-1 Carton Box 3.5 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-B Plastic Case 4.8 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-B3 Carton Box 3.2 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-C Plastic Case 8.9 Yes Yes yes ★★★
SP23-D Plastic Case 8.9 Yes Yes yes ★★★
SP23-D1 Plastic Case 8.9 yes yes yes just add 1*sp23-v vci module


Note: You have to look carefully at what is included. For example the -B comes with the case but the memory card is not listed or shown. The -B3 came with all the accessories but no case which reduced shipping cost by quite a bit. You can’t go wrong with the -B3. It has everything but the case.

Tech 2 clone of high quality:

Here are tech 2 real reviews. quality is confirmed by users.

Review 1: get security access and program CIM

The tis2000 disk that came with it was cracked, but fortunately we have this software available for download on this forum. I was able to get security access and program my CIM in my 2005 9-3.

The Tech 2 works well, it’s been able to do everything I’ve needed it to do, including programming the CIM and reading/clearing DTCs.

I paid around $271 I think, there was a discount code available.

Link: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/gm-tech2-diagnostic-scanner-with-32mb-card-and-tis2000.html

Review 2: tested a lot, all worked

Finally arrived Monday, and performed following so far:

-ECM added

-DSL turned off with fog adjusted accordingly

-honk confirmation with fob (thinking of turning it back off)

-AUX enabled

Will be adding fob soon after exchanging defective remote from eEuroparts, among others.

Again, FINALLY! My 9-3 is back on the road after 2yrs of RIP…! Thanks all!!!

Decide to buy Tech 2 clone for programming?

Read it before you’re gonna have a Tech 2 scan tool.

GM Computer Programming, useful set up, software support and the stuff you cant learn in school! Its old but still has its place in the tool box of today’s technician.

TIS2000 and Tech 2:

Consider purchasing a copy of TIS2000 software. This will allow you to program and update controllers up to 2008 on most GM family vehicles. On the good side, you can use TIS2000 as well as TIS on WEB in both pass thru mode, as well as remote mode if your PC is not close to the car your working on. TIS2000 can also be configured to use a J tool in pass thru meaning if you were to acquire a J2534 unit or an MDI down the road, you can configure TIS2000 to work directly in concert with it. Another benefit to using TIS2000, even WITH a subscription to TIS on WEB is that TIS on WEB is no longer supporting VTD re-learning on a lot of pre CAN products. Its worth its salt just for that feature alone. TIS2000 allows you to use your Tech 2 as a pass thru unit and you would have the flashes resident to your PC. You do not need to have internet access to flash program cars from TIS2000. This is all upside!

Downside is that TIS2000 is not known to play nice with Windows OS beyond windows XP. It also does not work on a solid state hard drives or memory devices. It has to be a good fashioned platter drive. It takes up a good amount of HD space as well (as much as 4GB).

If you can believe it, OTC actually provided programming software to allow an OTC Genisys, Mentor, Taskmaster, Deturminator to do programming on ALL GM modules in Pre O8. As a matter of fact, the data disc updates are directly from GM and work with TIS2000 software to update it. The only catch is that you need to have the TIS2000 program installation disc and a software security key to make it work on a PC.

I have personally posted TIS2000 discs and security keys on auction sites and the feedback I get on how well it works is outstanding as to its usefulness and functionality.

For some newer vehicles, as new as 2007 (caddy’s and W body cars in particular), they love to tell you to go blow when it comes to pass-thru programming or even using a remote mode of programming with MDI interfaces, Tech 2 scanners or generic J 2534 units. Believe it or not, I have had to use Tech 2 Legacy feature to get into some of these modules.

Yea, yea, it all sounds kinda overwhelming, but trust me, its all there, you just have to know what it means when your looking at it. Once you know where its at, you will know when its time to use it.

PC Selection for GM programming:

Now that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, lots of folks have moved away from XP as an OS. If you want to continue to use programs like TIS2000, better think it over before re-formatting your PC.

I personally, use a Toughbook CF19 with windows XP on a platter drive specifically for the purpose of working with GM products. Its a little more expensive than the CF18’s or CF24’s that most folks use because they are much cheaper. The only reason I use CF19 is because it has SATA hard drive capabilities. The wonderful thing about Toughbook is that it has a removable hard drive caddy in the side. You can slide the hard drive, hard drive heater and caddy out in seconds, and slip in another unit with whatever load of windows you like. Personally, I have one platter drive equipped caddy with all my GM software using Windows XP. When I need some other application like Ford IDS, or Chrysler witech, or Honda HDS, I simply pop the GM HD out of my PC and slip in a Solid State HD with Windows 7 in and fire it up. Some folks are astonished that Windows 7 will work well on such a Puny processor, but with a little added RAM, (4 Gig total) and a SSHD, it works great! If your already using windows 7 on a platter drive, you can easily install a virtual windows XP onto it. There is actually a feature within windows 7 to do just that.

Afraid of an Apple Mac Book for programming? Think again! It may be the best unit out there!

I also like to use my MacBook Pro and a program called parallels to run OS10 for general computing, than I can do the 2 finger slide into windows 7 and 2 finger side into XP as I need to. I do not need to close down a virtual machine like Windows requires you to do when you want to toggle between multiple operating systems. You simply put two fingers on the mouse pad and SSSLLLLLIIIIIDDDDDEEEEE to whatever OS you want to use. Parallels shares the USB ports and wireless, so there is no loss of connectivity or functionality. Truth be told, MacBook is FAR superior to PC even with a windows OS on it. You can also use programs like Virtual Box on MacBook to jump from Apple OS10 to Whatever windows OS you like, but I find parallels to be far more user friendly and light years faster! I have not even broached Linux operating systems like Ubuntu which also work great with some of this software and are just incredibly fast!

Connecting to the Internet……PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!!!!!

The last thing I want to discuss is how you can use your smart phone to connect your PC to the net to get on GM TIS ON WEB. Sure, you can make most smart phones like I phone and Android an internet “hot spot” BUT…..This is slow, and insecure! I prefer to use a cell phone app called “PDA NET.” This allows me to tether my cell phone directly to my PC through USB and gives me lightning fast internet service. The trial app can be had for free, but Im telling you, spend the eight bucks to buy the app. Its way better, has far more features and folks, if you use this one single time to update a controller, it will more than pay for itself!

Finally, bear in mind, I am by no means a computer expert/geek! I am nominal in skill level at best! I rely on the kindness of others (like my incredible sales rep from C.A.S of New England) to show me the way. This is why our always welcome to reach out with questions.