Xhorse KEY TOOL MAX PRO Review: Advanced Performance

KEY TOOL MAX PRO is an enhanced continuation of KEY TOOL MAX, featuring built-in OBD module, battery voltage and leakage detection and expanded immo programming capability. If you haven’t tried any Xhorse tools, KEY TOOL MAX PRO would be a great tool for you to know us.


KEY TOOL MAX PRO First Impressions

You’ll find KEY TOOL MAX PRO similar to its last version when you catch sight of its appearance, particularly its design and symbolic orange. Likewise, detection area is still situated on the top of the tool for remote and transponder operations.

xhorse key tool max pro 1

Newly Added OBD Module

KEY TOOL MAX and MINI OBD TOOL used to be a great combination, enabling users to finish various works via wireless connection. Now, MAX PRO comes with an OBD cable which could connect it to vehicle OBDⅡ port, which means you don’t need to purchase MINI OBD TOOL for immo programming and other functions. Meanwhile, wire connection usually can be highly secure and reliable with low risk.

xhorse key tool max pro 2

Built-in CAN_FD Module, Expanded Function

Concerning immo programming, MAX PRO is designed with a CAN_FD module, making it possible to complete immo programming for various CAN_FD models such as Cadillac CT4/CT5, Buick GL8, Encore, etc. Of particular note, Xhorse offers continuous upgrades for free and car models supported keep increasing for your convenience.

xhorse key tool max pro 3

Battery Test Module

Combining the needs of automotive locksmiths with our innovations, KEY TOOL MAX PRO features a new battery test module. By simply connecting to the leakage detection cable, users can test whether a remote battery is having electric leakage (range: 1μA~35μA) and detect the voltage of a remote battery (range: 0V~36V).

xhorse key tool max pro 4

As Reliable as Usual

As the latest tool from KEY TOOL series, KEY TOOL MAX PRO for sure includes the commonly-used remote and transponder operations like clone, generate and identify.
It also offers other popular features such as maintenance, IC/ID clone, pair with Xhorse key cutting machines and MINI PROG etc.

xhorse key tool max pro 5

NEW – BMW CAS3\Toyota Models Programming

To make it a more powerful and competitive tool, KEY TOOL MAX PRO is projected to add programming feature of BMW CAS3 and some Toyota models soon. Like always, Xhorse offers continuous upgrades on this very new machine and more can be expected!

Special Feature Coming Soon

It’s worth mentioning that one special function on KEY TOOL MAX PRO is coming soon. The feature would be a powerful one which is added on the KEY TOOL series for the first time.

xhorse key tool max pro 6



xhorse key tool max pro 7

①Carry box
③User manual
④OBD to DB15 cable
⑤Remote programming cable
⑥USB cable
⑦Leakage detection cable

Providing all these new and popular functions, KEY TOOL MAX PRO is definitely a competitive and overall tool for you. For years, Xhorse is dedicated to bringing the most intuitive and cost-effective tool to auto locksmiths. Moving forward, we will continue offering latest technologies and mature solutions and benefiting the industry.


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