Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool, is it worth to buy?

Reviews on Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool, after reading I believe you will know the answer if it is worth to buy.

I got it since a week and I am excited
M35080 Programming needs some improvements, there are some bugs (tested on 4 dashs, and its better to desolder)
Serial EEP 24XX, 25XX, 93XX, 95XX works like a charm (but tested on only 3 Eeps)
Tried several CAS4 to Read without any problems, Mileage reset works too
CAS3 tested only 1 but read without problem
On a another group they reported to create successfully keys on FEM/BDC and CAS4


Reading eprom cas4 and make a key for f11 so far done.
Cant say much more.
cas4 reading eprom compared with vvdi reading and its matching 100%


All other 35080/160 are possible, like all other programmer can do also.
ACDP is also working with smartphone tethering so a router is not a must.
Didn’t test if it works offline,
Fem key making and mileage reset is confirmed by other users in WhatsApp group,
I can confirm mileage reset cas3/3+/4, key making cas3/3+, key 868mhz refresh
and frm programming
But sometimes it’s tricky to place the probes correctly, it’s faster to use other programmer
until you have figured out how to place probes correctly. (Rep: The newest version (09-19-2018)ACDP with improved CAS3 and CAS4 board fix the problem that it’s difficult to place the probes correctly.)


I have it and have had it for more than 3 months now.
It works perfect on all CAS types and for AKL.
It’s also compatible via Bluetooth so not only wifi is needed.
Its a great and small tool, easy to use, compared to VVDI, R70, Upa and etc.


Tested the Mini ACDP here with 4 CAS3 and one CAS4+ without any problems. For the first CAS3 I needed more than 5 minutes to place the pins correctly but after some experiences I needed only 30 seconds for everything. Important is that you use the small screw tools to clean the contacts.

For FEM/BDC, 3 months ago, it needed FEM electric bridges to complete. Now update Mini ACDP to the newest version, it won’t need the electric bridges any more, it is easy to use.

BMW 5 series CAS4 2015 OK
Pictures mean a lot

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