2003 1.6 16V 206CC turns over fine, but won’t start

This post is on how to solve the non-starting problem with 2003 1.6 16V 206CC using Lexia 3 PP2000.

lexia 3

Car model and year: 2003 1.6 16V 206CC

Problem:  non-starting problem that I cant get to the bottom of, turned over fine, but wouldn’t start.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…….

1. I have carried out the BSI reset procedure following Capncol’s instructions to the letter. (I’ve probably done this a dozen times now!)

2. I have made sure the battery is in good condition. It’s been fully charged and tested – all good.

3. I decided to buy a Lexia 3 diagbox with Peugeot Planet 2000. I’ve run the diagnostic several times and it appears to talk to all of the ECU’s with no faults coming up. (This surprised me a bit to be honest!).

4. I’ve done a visual check on the wiring loom, particularly under the air filter as I’d read that there was a section prone to corroding wires under there. All look fine, but I haven’t checked each wire for resistance yet.

5. I’ve checked all fuses with a meter and all are fine.

6. I reset the keys using PP2000 and they work fine.

7. I removed the coil pack & plugs and using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked for a spark……. NO SPARK!! I also checked for a spark, buy turning the engine over on the key. Still no spark.I checked the coil pack plug and there is no voltage at he plug on any of the four wires. (I know one is an earth)

8. Whilst the plugs were out, I did a compression test. Cylinder 1 (gearbox end) was a little low compared to the others, but a little bit of oil down the plug hole and a retest saw it come up, so probably needs a set of rings at some stage.

9. Fuel pressure seems OK. After cranking I checked the little bleed valve on the fuel rail and it squirted all over me!! I also removed the rear seat and I can hear the fuel pump operating.

10. Again using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked the injectors one by one. I can hear all clicking during the test, BUT there is no smell of fuel with the plugs removed, which I was expecting there would be?

11. I removed the crank sensor to check for damage / debris, but it was clean and undamaged.

Finally solved!

I’ve managed to get hold of a kit from a donor car consisting of bsi/ecu/key/barrel/transponder/door locks & fuel cap.. Both bsi and ecu have exact same part numbers to my original ones.. I’ve also bought the pp2000/lexiadiagnostics equipment to.. Capncol is there a specific procedure to changing these items as i dont want to ruin the chances of this curing my problem.

great news! Well done on the fix and well spotted  looks like we both had a result last night as i changed my crank position sensor and she fired straight up!! I did think it could of been that from the start due to there being no spark or injectors spraying but as there was no fault codes being brought up i basically over looked it: /

oh well 2 cars fixed!!

This is from obd tool website technical support: 2003 1.6 16V 206CC turns over fine, but won’t start