2020 CFMOTO CF250-A ENG Diagnosis by OBDSTAR MS80 or OBDSTAR MS50: Both OK!

Today eobdtool.co.uk will share the newest test reports about 2020 CFMOTO CF250-A ENG diagnosis using OBDSTAR MS80 and OBDSTAR MS50 separately.


Something to know firstly:

The operation guide is same, and the main difference is the car model menu.

OBDSTAR MS50 Chinese cars menu incl. OBD- II, CFMOTO, QJBENELLI



Motorcycle info:

Model: CF250-A

Brand: CFMOTO (made in China)

Engine: 172MM- 2A


System tested:

ENG (engine)


Device used and why:

OBDSTAR MS50 5 inch/ MS80 8 inch new generation motorcycle diagnostic scanner

The reason to choose:

  • The simple and intuitive menu guidance allows you to quickly master the equipment operation, and also provide complete diagnostic functions including code reading, code clearing, data flow, action test, data flow reading and special function. etc.


Main operation procedure:
1.Connect OBDSTAR motorcycle diagnostic scanner to the motorcycle via OBDII cable properly-> Start the motorcycle

2.Select [Moto Diag]-> [China]-> [CFMOTO]-> [CFMOTO V30.13]-> [Old vehicle]-> [ENG]> [UAES MSE3.0 SYSTEM]

3.Perform the following functions in ENG system:

  • Read ECU information- OK

  • Read fault codes- OK

  • Erase fault codes- OK

-Confirm the ignition switch is turned on and the engine doesn’t launch

  • Read data flow (Value Live Data & State Live Data)- OK

  • Active Test (ENG MIL)- OK

  • Special Function (ECU power-off reset and clear self- learn)- OK

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1.OBDSTAR MS50 diagnose 2020 CFMOTO CF250-A ENG system:

2.OBDSTAR MS80 diagnose 2020 CFMOTO CF250-A ENG system:

In conclusion:

Both two OBDSTAR motorcycle scanners can perfectly diagnose 2020 CFMOTO CF250-A ENG system. It’s easy to do with the simple and intuitive menu guidance. They are good choices for motorcycle owners and repair shops.


The main differences are shown as below:


OBDSTAR MS50: 5 inch android tablet

OBDSTAR MS80: 8 inch android tablet


MS50 is cheaper than MS80.

3.Vehicle coverage:

MS50 only supports the most common motorcycle diagnosis from Asia and Europe.

MS80 not only adds more luxury motorcycle diagnosis from Asia, Europe and America than MS50, but also provides IMMO key programming for Asian and European motorcycles. Moreover, it adds more adapters accordingly.


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