How to Install Cutter& Probe on 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine

Are you searching for the method to change the new cutter and probe for 2M2 magic tank key cutting machine? Here is the relevant installtion guide for newbies.

Step-by-step guide:

Replace of the probe& cutter

Close the left groove

Open Tank App

Click the yellow icon at the bottom right corner

Select the blue 2M2 icon at the upper left corner

Check the method to replace the cutter/probe and click “Confirm”

Remove the cutter

Remove the probe

Insert th cutter to the top and tighten the screw

Insert the probe to the top and tighten the screw

Confirm the steps below:

-Rotate the handwheel to move the middle clamp to the left

-Let the middle clamp completely against the left clamp

Thru loosen and tighten the screw to keep probe and cutter in the same line

Check the steps on the screen and click “Confirm”

Job’s done!

If you don’t understand about the steps above clearly, please watch the video carefully:

Hope it helps you!