2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine cut SIP22

How to cut SIP22 by 2M2 Magic Tank auto key cutting machine? Here is the step-by-step guide for users.


Step 1: Decode SIP22 key

Insert the SIP22 key into cylinder, works normal

Connect adapter to 2M2 Magic Tank and power on

Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth

Press the edit key icon at the left bottom

Input “SIP22” in the search filed

Select “SIP22.H8” and then press “Decode”

Follow the prompt to decode SIP22.H8

1.Use the stop and insert it to the left slot

2.Block the key shoulder and clamp it

Then click on “Confirm”

Decode every side of SIP22.H8

Remove the key and click “OK” button

Step 2: Cut a new key

Click “CUT” to cut side A

Use the stop and inert it to the left slot

Block the new key shoulder and clamp it

Cutting key…

When finish cutting side A, please clean up and cut side B

All sides of new key cut by 2M2 Magic Tank success

Insert the cutter into cylinder to learn

Works perfectly!

Tech support:  http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/