7 Things to Help You Better Use CGDI Prog MB

Hello everyone, here we’ve collected some common questions you may come across when using CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer. We’ll cover:

Old Benz W164 (-2009)
Collect data
Key and key files
Emulator instrument
Supported EIS types
Other tips

1. Membership
When users get the new device for the first time, it will prompt you to choose a membership – Blue Member or Silver Member.

Blue Member
the Benz password can be calculated once a day.
After activation, you will get 12 months membership service, free renewal.
(Note: Renewal needs 12v power supply.)

Silver Member
The password can be calculated twice a day.
After activation, you will receive 6 months of membership service, another 6-month renewal for CGDI Prog MB will need $60.
(Note: Once the membership is activated, member level cannot be changed)

In addition, if you want more tokens, follow the ways below:
1)Earn points when you use the CGDI Prog MB device, one point equals one token, you can redeem token in software yourself
2)If you have CGDI Prog BMW, we can bundle with your CGDI MB to have one more token(not for each day)
3)If you have CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices, and CG Pro 9S12, please send us serial number to bundle them together, you will have two more tokens(not for each day)
4)If you don't have other CGDI device but still want to calculate password more times, one token for CGDI Prog MB will cost $4.

You can check calculating times on “Compute Password” and you can calculate 4 times at most each day.

2. Old W164 (-2009)
The diagrams of EIS reading and AKL are different and you’d better do on bench.
Here you can see, the diagrams of W164
AC adapter fast collection

All lost

Read EIS

Particularly watch the connections of CAN-L and CAN-H.

3. Collect data
You must make sure EIS can be read by ODB and IR because data collecting needs to get information through OBD and IR.
When you read EIS data through IR, the interesting thing is that the progress bar rises by 10% after inserting the key once.

Also you need to care:

1)On bench
If EIS can read by IR, but not by OBD. IR reading success means your EIS power is OK. Check your communication cables first, then restart your device, try it again. If it fails many times, directly use programmer to read the data, then load into CGDI MB to add key.

2)In the vehicle
If EIS can read by IR but can not by OBD. It may be gateway problem or EIS problem. Need to judge by yourself.

4. Key and key files
1)CGDI Prog MB can Only disable FBS4 key.
2)Using CG’s BE key, both formats 41 and 51 are OK.
Other brands’ BE key, choose format 51.
Other brands’ smart keys, choose format 41.

3)Erase supports all BE key, part of NEC key, and doesn’t support BGA key.

5. Emulator instrument
Support ELV simulating (except W240/W207/old W212)
Don’t support gateway function, need to use original gateway module.

6. Supported EIS types
1)Before 2013, FBS3
(Don’t support OBDI, but if you find the diagram of how to convert OBDI to OBDII, it is supported as well)

2)2013-2016, check VIN number to make sure it’s FBS3 or FBS4
3)After 2016, FBS4

(Only support to disable key)
Note: W222/213/205/447 is FBS4.

7. Other tips
1)Q: Why the key password is “0000”?
A: Use “0000” to add a key, check if it can turn on the ignition. Sometimes you write EIS data without EIS password, it will use default “0000” or “1111”.

2)Q: How to calculate the EIS password when all EIS key positions are used?
A: Take out the circuit board and read EIS data by wires.

3)Q: Can AC adapter be used in the car?
A: Actually it can work in cars. AC adapter is designed to control EIS power on and off, so in car you need to find the place that controls the EIS power and connect it.

So much for CGDI MB. Hope this could help!

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